Binocular Collimation Quick and Easy Method without Prism Adjustment

I was initially put off from correcting an optical fault in an old pair of Porro prism binoculars because all I had seen or read online involved prism more

Home-Made Locking Solar Filter

How to make a robust, lockable solar filter for your telescope from repurposed materials and purchased AstroSolar film. This will allow you to enter the amazing world of solar more

How to make a solar finderscope from scrap

It was whilst I was making the solar filter for my telescope that I seriously started to think about how I was to find the object of study in the more

World War 1940s Binoculars - Perfect for Astronomy & Birdwatching

Despite their rough and ready appearance, WWII Binocular optics were actually manufactured to a very high standard. The companies who made them saved on the casings and strappings but were required by the Armed Forces to furnish more

Collimating World War 2 Binoculars

Unlike the more modern pair I collimated, the objective lenses on these could not be easily rotated in their respective cells.  I was thus faced with the possibility that I would have to resort to prism adjustment and this I was loathe to do! It was at this more

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