Home-made Wild Bird Feeder from Repurposed Materials

This is something to make for your own garden but also we have made and given away many as presents...read more

Home-made Bird Box for Blue Tits, Chickadees..Repurposed Materials

Two designs, one requiring a minimum of tools and in particular to obviate the need for a hole saw or large bit...read more

Home-made Bird Box for Robins, Wrens, Northern Flickers, Repurposed Materials

In Europe these boxes are expected to attract mainly robins, wrens and wagtails. In the USA there are over 50 species...read more

How to Make a Dove Feeding Table from recuperated wood

Our neighbour has a pair of collared doves nesting in her garden and their size prevents them from feeding at the existing bird table so she asked me if I could make a larger one to accommodate them...read more

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