Setting up a Dry Toilet System - Facts and Figures 

What is interesting about this bill is that the actual water used has gone from 45 cubic metres to 13 cubic metres, so the water consumed now costs us over two thirds less than before... read more

Pallet Wood Compost Bin and Dry Toilet Project Part 1

I opted for a completed bin size of 800mm x 800mm x  800mm, the wood used was recuperated from pallets.
The unique design feature... read more

DIY Dry Toilet System for  8 Euros $11. Part 2 The Cabin

A practical design if you want to use this design for somewhere such as; your allotment, social garden, a field or even set up a business making them for others.... read more

DIY Dry Toilet System for  8 Euros $11. Part 3 The Seats

The toilet seat is for the ‘two bucket’ system. One side is for collecting liquid and the other is for more

DIY Dry Toilet System Part 3 The Seats continued

Continuing the above more

Composting Urine Using a Straw Bale. Dry toilets for all climates.

A great way to process dry toilet liquid for around 6 Euros or 5 Dollars worth of materials... read more

Humanure - Two Years of Living with our Dry Toilet

Humanure is like death and taxes it's something we all know about but as the elephant in the room, are most loath to mention more

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