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Fix Electrolux Ergorapido - Red Light on - Motor Not Running

Fix Electrolux Ergorapido Red light on

The following article came about, as did the film, (posted below) because several friends and relatives presented me with non-working stick vacuum cleaners and this one had not only the worse problem but also for which there was no solution on-line. I therefore, thought it would be a good idea to share my solution as this video has become not only one of my most popular recent uploads but also has through the comment section, shown me how many people there are out there encountering similar problems. However, it has to be stressed that with this particular Electrolux Ergorapido, the cleaner had been so badly treated that the damage was serious but could still be fixed. I would just add that I am not a vacuum cleaner specialist but being an engineer am always interested in taking things apart and trying to understand why they work...or in this case...why they don't! more