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Converting Your Washing Machine to Pedal Power Part 5 - Wooden Supports

The important dimension was the height of the stand necessary to obtain the clearance between the pedal at its lowest point and the pallet. In my case this was about 12" (300mm). The more


  1. On this page (, the link "Simply Organic Recipes"' has got a typo. There is an extra 'ht' in front of the http. This is the actual url "ht". This makes the page unreachable via this link.

    1. Hi there, Thank-you so much for taking the time to notify me of this, it really is appreciated. There is also a picture link which does work but it is so annoying when any link is invalid. This time it was a typo, so my fault but on occasions some of the 'read-me' links stop working and for no apparent reason and unless I keep checking every one of them I never find out. Hence I am really grateful for your feedback. There will be more recipes coming shortly to Simply Organic - Sue has been designing and creating film costumes for the past three months but they start shooting today so she can get back to filming and blogging. All the best form Normandie, Andy aka Organikmechanic

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